What is this offer about?

We offer candidates the opportunity to participate in a recruitment programme under which they can
a person qualified for the programme receives support in obtaining the so-called Green Card, i.e.
the type of visa that entitles you to legal residence and employment in the United States
United Nations.
Additionally, we offer its participants a permanent job with a 3-year contract with
one of our customers.

Am I eligible for the scheme?

If you are an experienced driver and have a C+E driving licence, you have at least 3
years of experience, which you can confirm with references, you speak in English on
level B2 or above, you have not been convicted and have not caused a major accident within
the last 5 years - the answer is YES!

I am interested! - what next?

Contact us now. We will help you with everything.

When will I go to the USA?

The whole process takes 8-12 months.
The first stage is to collect and send all the required documents.
Every Friday we send candidates who have a set of documents directly to
the customer - that is why the faster all documents are completed, the faster
we can start the process.
After receiving and checking them, we send you a letter of intent within 1-2 weeks with
the details of the offer, the place of work and the details of remuneration and working conditions at the workplace
of the employer concerned.
The next step is to send back the rest of the documents, if any, and go to
a physician to undergo initial screening that is consistent with U.S. requirements
United Nations. (The list of tests where such tests may be done will be given in the following table
by the recruitment agency)
The cost of the examination shall be borne by the applicant.

After sending the results of the research, we start the next stage - immigration. The documents shall be
sent to the U.S. Immigration Service, which will re-examine them within a period of 5-6 months
shall give its decision within months.
After the decision of the Immigration Service, the next step is to arrange a medical examination.
Required by the U.S. Embassy and Consulate meeting. Subject to availability
These two steps take 1-2 months.
After meeting at a consulate and receiving a Green Card, Visa Solutions buys a ticket to the United States of America.
The Commission will continue to support the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at the earliest possible date. Time from receipt of the Green Card to
The departure time is 1-4 weeks.
On arrival, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your temporary home - from there.
As a rule, this is a house shared with the drivers you arrive at (separate rooms).
Within the next 2 days we will help you to arrange insurance and other numbers.
formalities, e.g. opening a bank account.
Once these formalities have been completed, you start the so-called CDL training, which ends with
awarding you with an exam to obtain a Commercial Driving License - a document
Required in the States to drive. For taking part in a CDL training course you will receive
normal remuneration. It takes about 3-4 weeks.
Once you have obtained the Commercial Driving License, you officially start working as a driver!

How much does it cost?

Participation in the program is completely cost-free, which means that we do not charge a fee for
carrying out all the preparation and processing formalities
documents required to obtain the Green Card.
However, there are costs at the stage of recruitment which you have to take into account:
- the cost of obtaining a clean criminal record.
- Translation costs for documents (criminal record certificates, criminal record certificates)
- Cost of preliminary and immigration studies.
- Cost of attaching family members to the visa application
Visa Solutions charges a fee of $60 per week for the term of the agreement, which is 3 years.
a fee that covers the cost of the visa process we are dealing with.

Can I take my family with me?

Of course. You can add family members to the visa application and they will also receive
Green Card.
You can join your wife/husband if you are married.
Children - any child up to the age of 21 who has no husband/wife.

I have a girlfriend/boy, can I take them with me?

If you want to take your current partner with you, consider that the visa process
lasts about 5-6 months. During this time it is possible to add additional persons to the application
visa. It is also a good time to plan a wedding, because it is a good time to apply for a visa.
only spouses may be joined ;)

Can I take animals with me?

As far as cats and dogs are concerned, vaccination is required for them and they need to be vaccinated
before travelling to the USA. However, rodents cannot be imported into the USA
nor monkeys.
If you have any other animal - let us know! We will find out for you. ;)

Can I not get a Visa?

In view of the demand for drivers in the United States and the fact that
when you apply for a visa, you will already have a signed agreement with a visa provider that does not include
There will be a problem.
However, if you do not provide the real data in your application, or what you provide will not be the following
verifiable, you must take into account that your application will not be
accepted. Documents are checked very carefully at the immigration office.
This concerns mainly cases of certificates of irregularity in relation to
(b) if you do not have a criminal record or if you have been found guilty of any criminal offence in the past, or if you have been found guilty of illegal conduct in the past
In the United States.
If you have any doubts and want to make sure there is something that can prevent you from
For the Green Card, please contact the recruitment agency that deals with you
The application.
They will give us all the information and we will assess the situation.

Where will I work? Can I choose
the place?

Visa Solutions serves customers all over the United States. Since
there is a shortage of large numbers of drivers on the American market, customers decide to propose
Our solution and participation in the recruitment process, which takes up to 12 months.
To ensure that customers have enough drivers and that drivers have enough
We have decided to serve our clients in the order in which they sign with
We have agreements in place.
Thanks to this, customers do not wait for candidates longer than 12 months, and we are able to
We have a growing number of satisfied customers and a high number of candidates.
Therefore, after sending all required documents, we send them to the client who
is the first on our list. We try to send candidates in larger groups in order to
one client was employed by several employees who are from the same country and can
fly out and start working at the same time.
We also try to integrate candidates who leave together by offering them
participation in dedicated groups on Facebook or WhatApp where they can get to know each other,
exchange information or contact details.

What will I know about my employer?

After sending all required documents you will receive a letter of intent, a contract and
details of your future employer. You will receive the following documents
concerning the structure of the company, information about the company as well as all regulations and rules which
apply to the employer in question.
Of course, you will also receive the full name and location of your workplace.

Can I talk to my employer before I will make a decision?

In the required documents, we ask you to create Video Interview, on which
You present yourself and talk about your experience and motivations.
Our customers usually have a high demand for employees, which is why they have decided to
trust and agree to Video Interview as a form of recruitment interview. Do not expect
conducting a formal interview.

Can I refuse to accept the offer?

Yes, of course. If you want to apply again for this offer we will be able to
consider your application only in about 6 - 12 months from the date of receipt of the first offer.
This also means that all documents have to be retrieved.

When shall I give notice?

Make sure you give your notice beforehand and inform the agency of this.
a recruitment procedure. Once your visa application is on the last line, we will give you
know that you can give notice of termination.
However, it will not be earlier than 6-8 months from the beginning of the recruitment process.

Where will I live? What is the cost?

On arrival, we will take you to a temporary home where you will be shared.
a house with a few other drivers (most likely with those you'll fight out together).
We will also start to look for a permanent place to live, and here the costs are varied and
They depend on the state and your expectations.
To start with, we offer a room in a shared house - the cost is $400-$900.
However, if you decide to come with your family we will help you find a home in the following, of course
who will live exclusively for your family.

Will I be insured? Will my family be

Most of our customers offer workplace insurance (with the possibility of
You will receive details about the insurance in the documents together with
an agreement and a letter of intent.

What is a driver's job like in the USA?

As far as the number of working hours is concerned, this varies depending on the client and the type of company.
the logistics services it offers. On average a week a driver working for our customers
travels 2000-3000 miles per week. If you need to stay overnight in the cabin (which are great
(e) receive an additional allowance for overnight stays equipped and adapted to the needs of the overnight stay)
Outside the home.
In addition, customers pay bonuses for sustainable fuel consumption - cars equipped with
be equipped with monitoring systems to monitor fuel consumption and adapt the way in which it is measured
The best way to reduce wear and tear is to use the driving wheel to make it as efficient as possible.

How much will I earn for it? When I receive

The basic salary you receive will depend on the company you work for.
work as well as from your experience. On average per week it will be between $900 and $1250 per week.
a hand. To this you can add the bonuses we write about above, overtime and a diet for
stay overnight away from home.
This money will allow you to live a comfortable life in the United States as well as a good start.
for your future career in the United States.
Working as a driver in the United States is about working with perspective. You can grow inside the company,
You can also try to buy your own truck. Both options do not only provide more
Experience and development but they allow you to earn more money.
Most of our clients offer remuneration paid weekly.

How much money do I have to take with me?

You don't need a lot of money - the minimum amount we suggest is $500, you don't have to.
take cash with them. If you have a bank account and a payment card, you are completely satisfied.
Remember only to inform the bank before your departure that you are flying to the USA, so that in the event of
the bank did not regard any transactions as suspicious.
You can also open a foreign currency account in dollars and accumulate funds on it which
you need to leave and ask the bank to issue a card before you can leave
accounts. Thanks to this, any payments you already make in the USA will disappear.
Your account is denominated directly in dollars.

What if I quit before the end of my contract?

According to the agreement you will receive for reading and signing if you resign from 3 years of age
you will be required to reimburse Visa Solutions for the costs incurred in connection with
the processing and processing of your visa application, as well as the costs of the flight and of all
the relocation costs to be borne by Visa Solutions.
We estimate the cost at approximately $12,500.